Kent Smith – the importance of the Passover

??????????? : What is the importance of the Passover, the celebration that you came very early today, we are in the first day of the feast today, and you are very early?

???? ????? : The significance, the significance of the Passover and the Feast, it’s a celebration essentially of our salvation. It’s the same as when the Israelites did it; that by faith they followed God’s commandments and were saved. And it’s the same with Jesus, He commanded that we do this and it’s for our salvation.

??????????? : We have done the Passover yesterday, then, how did you feel about all of the event?

???? ????? : Well.. I was, I was extremely excited about the events. Afterwards, my… my spirit was extremely high… my faith was strengthened… I… believe that that God was present at the Passover yesterday and I have faith that we are going to be blessed and we are gonna receive all the things that we asked for.

??????????? : So today is the first day of the feasts, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ from the death and what do you expect to receive today?

???? ????? : Well for today I expect to receive the blessings that we’ve asked for. I am praying very very hard today that I will receive the anointing of the Deacon which I hope is going to happen tomorrow. There are some personal things in our lives that we are asking for us as well, for family, for the church in Canada. We want that church in Canada to expand and to grow and to produce good fruits and expand the FMFOI Church to the world.

??????????? : Is the blessing of the Deacon good for you and then, you gonna bring it to Canada?

???? ????? : Yes, the the blessing of the Deacon is definitely good for me. I’ve been praying. We we actually change the list of things that we wanted but I was praying for the Spirit of the wisdom, the Spirit of the truth, but the blessing of the Deacon is going to be even better… because that is going to allow me to preach; it’s gonna allow me to preach to to…even other… even other preachers in different churches… it will allow me to argue with them and convince them that this the truth that we are doing in Fmfoi.

??????????? : What is the message that you are going to tell to people including Malagasy and foreigners?

???? ????? : The same message that I always say is that… the bible gives us instructions and we have to follow them and we we have to make sure that we are doing what is true, so, if God says the ten commandments are are relevant, if He gives us those ten commandments, then, we need to follow the ten commandments. So we need to respect the Sabbath day, we need to keep it holy, we need to… we need to do the New Moon and we need to do the Passover. We need to follow what the bible defines is sin, and live our lives according to Jesus

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